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At ACE, we provide the full range of advanced non-invasive intraoral cameras from Sopro for our customers.

Each and every of our operatories are equipped with an advanced intraoral camera from Sopro(France). Including Sopro Life, the most advanced intraoral camera with caries detection function for minimally invasive dentistry.This enable us to save more of your original tooth structure during restoration (filling) of decayed teeth.

Sopro 617 intraoral camera: The impressive Sopro 617 combines the latest in LED lighting technology with superior optics to provide sharp, distortion-free images.

Sopro 717 intraoral camera: Offers exceptionally clear images, new generation LED technology. Take patient education to the next level by selecting Macro Mode. This mode will bring cracked teeth, decay, broken amalgam and more to life in incredible detail.

SoproLIFE intraoral camera and caries detection: As the industry's leading fluorescence camera that gives you two different types of vision to evaluate, diagnose and treat, SoproLIFE adds assurances to the whole patient experience. The instrument easily switches between diagnostic-aid mode and treatment-aid mode to assess, show, and explain concerns with a real-time visual of tissue, enamel, and caries-affected dentin. Because the all-in-one diagnostic fluorescence technology combines with Sopro's most advanced intraoral camera capabilities to date, you're able to help the patient better understand what you see - without the patient ever leaving the chair.


How does SOPROLIFE work?
The blue LEDs we selected emit light at 450nm.
This wavelength excites dentine which, in reaction, sends a light signal named fluorescence.
The fluorescence signal reflected is very small (low intensity) compared to the 450nm intensity sent by the blue LEDs.

What is the use of diagnosis aid and treatment aid mode?
If the treatment aid mode is used for diagnosis purpose, we will obtain on screen an amplification of the red and thus get many « false alerts » due to organic deposits in the mouth of the patient. All these organic deposits generate un very light signal of red fluorescence. If the Mode II was used for the detection a caries, a complete cleaning of the mouth would be necessary to avoid these “false alerts”. The diagnosis aid mode, far less sensitive to all these organic deposits , allows to avoid these « false alerts ».

Is the magnification power of SOPROLIFE higher than a microscope?
Yes, SOPROLIFE can magnify the image up x 115.

Can SOPROLIFE also be used as a classical intra-oral camera?
Yes, SOPROLIFE is the only concept in the world proposing two different visions. The Daylight mode allows the dentist to use SOPROLIFE as an intra-oral camera under white light for the communication with his patient. The image quality supplied by SOPROLIFE under white light is superior to the others intra-oral cameras.

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