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At ACE Family DentalCare, we provide the following Advanced Digital X-ray technologies for our customers:

Panoramic dental X-rays (OPG) – the new standard for dental surgeries
The advantage of panoramic X-rays is the clear and detailed image of the whole mouth in just one scan. Thus the fundamental disadvantage of intraoral X-ray images, that only a few teeth are pictured, is eliminated. Modern VATECH panoramic X-rays provide X-ray images of a revolutionary quality, thanks to continual technological development. They boast unique automatic focus technology for when the patient is not correctly positioned.

DigitalX-ray images allow the doctor to make an evaluation more easily, enlarge, and draw notes and planned implants using user-friendly software supplied with the machine.

X-rays with cephalometric functions for orthodontists
Most OPG machines offered by VATECH can be supplied with an extra cephalometric arm. This unique system allows you to obtain quality images not only of bone, but also soft tissue.

3D CT X-rays not only for implantology
A three-dimensional model of the mouth is an ideal aid for implantology when planning tooth implants, but is also popular for other fields of dentistry. The 3D simulation allows doctors to rotate the pictured area into any position desired, provides cross-sections through bone matter, measures bone density and provides much more useful information.

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